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I'm Jesabe, I'm a University trained Clinical Naturopath, which means I am fully qualified to practice as your Primary Health Care Provider. My intention is to empower you with tools and resources so that you feel confident in the ongoing management of your health, with my support as you need.

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My Story

Three little words sum it up perfectly...Life-long passion

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in food and health. In my teens, my mum's chronic skin condition was cured by a Naturopathic prescription and my mind was blown! Ever since then, I have sought out and tried different diets, supplements and lifestyle hacks to help support me to live my healthiest life.

I had extra motivation to seek out healthy living practices,  not just my mum's story.

I had had a few chronic health issues as well that I recovered from. These included irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C), anxiety, depression, recurring urinary infections (UTI's) and a light and irregular menstrual flow.

Discovering why I had these conditions and what to do about it gave me the motivation to study Naturopathy at Southern Cross University NSW. This was a 4 year Bachelor Degree, no mean feat!

PLUS - I recovered from my health conditions and am now passionate to resolve yours too, as I have for many others over the last 8 years of clinical practice.

I find it incredible how all non-communicable (eg not viral, non-contagious) health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and dementia as well as ADHD and auto-immunity have all been shown in research to be significantly driven by dietary and lifestyle factors. 

This means, with the right information and support, we can choose our health outcomes by choosing how we live and think and by what we put in our mouth. I find this positively empowering.