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I'm Courtz, 32 years old and not just a fitness & nutrition lover but also a busy Mum of 2 beautiful healthy little girls. My journey began when I was 110kg and at the lowest point in my life..... I couldn't conceive and was struggling to live the life I truly wanted. This prompted my journey to a healthier lifestyle and is the main drive for my love and passion for the industry.

With over 6 years experience, Courtney brings not only her personal experience but also professional training holding both her cert 3 and 4 in fitness as well as her certificate in Nutritional Counselling alongside many other certificates. Courtney has worked as a fitness instructor in many different ways including group fitness to 1 on 1, in gyms and privately both indoor and outdoor.

What Courtz Fitness & Nutrition Offers:

We have an amazing team behind Courtz Fitness to provide whole lifestyle support for our clients. 

All sessions are 100% personalised to each individual client and what their needs are, offering a wide range in options whether it be nutritional support- either general support or programs, PT, group fitness or just general overall support to aid in fat percentage loss with a balanced lifestyle. We heavily believe in the 80/20 rule where you live your healthiest best lifestyle but still get to enjoy it. 

Here at Courtz Fitness we specialise in high intensity training for purpose of reduction in fat percent ranging from beginner to the highly advanced as well as specialise in weight loss nutrition. 


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