Raymond, craniosacral therapist helping make connections between the mind and body
Raymond - Craniosacral Therapist

The Biodynamic approach is a way of listening to the bodies inherent health expressions by pulling information from the feet, the head and the connections in between.

The Craniosacral therapist brings the bodies awareness to tensions and areas that are 'stuck' and enable the body to make the shift on its own. 

The beauty of Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is it simplicity. Your session is relaxing, calming and still.

The therapist begins with holding the feet and moves to where the body directs them to.


A session involves close to light touch and can led you to a deep state of relaxation and calm. Craniosacrel can help individuals achieve greater health by creating a safe space for traumatic experiences to emerge and resolve smoothly without being overwhelming or re-stimulating.

In his spare time, Raymond loves to garden and is currently restoring his home in Kalgoorlie. 

Appointments are available through Goldfields Revitalise by calling us on 90218784.

These appointments cannot be booked online.