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Can I claim a rebate for my appointments?

Yes you most definitely can! Majority of our appointments are claimable with your private health insurance unless otherwise specified (if your insurance covers the treatment).

These are all claimable manually through your health fund.

Do I need a Dr's referral for appointments?

No, you do not need a Doctors referral to see any of our therapists or visiting practitioners.

What if I can't get an appointment when I need it?

We do try our best to get people booked in when they need and as soon as possible, however it is best to book ahead. If we can not get you in when you need, we recommend booking an appointment for when you can. We will always ask if you'd like to go on our cancellation list, by doing this, if we do have any cancellations for the day or time you need, we can call you and book you in. We do recommend however that you book ahead your future appointments, to make sure you get the day and time that suits you best.

What if I can't make my appointment?

We understand life gets busy and sometimes people can not make their appointments however we do ask that when you receive your reminder message the day before your appointment you let us know that you can no longer make it and need to reschedule. This can be done via phone call, social media, email or via reply text message to our reminder message. 

As we have a cancellation list, we often have clients whom are desperate for an appointment. Clients who do not attend or cancel at the last minute will be invoiced for their allocated appointment time so we ask if you can not make your appointment please let us know ASAP. This also allows the therapist to make the best use of their time.

I am a new client, what can I expect?

All new clients are required to fill out the initial intake form so we do recommend coming to your appointment 5-10min early so that this does not cut into your appointment time. This form is a legal requirement for all of our therapists both in house as well visiting practitioners and allows the practitioner to be able to best cater to your needs.  

At the start of your appointment the therapist will quickly run through your intake form and perform any assessments necessary. This is so that the correct treatment can be given as well as a further treatment plan developed if required.

Can I still use my voucher that has expired?

YES YES YES! You most definitely can use your voucher if it has expired that is no problem at all. All Goldfields Revitalise vouchers are valid up to 3 years, irrespective of the date that is written on the voucher. 

Why we need to know if you're pregnant

All medical conditions and history is vital to ensure there are no contraindications during your treatment. This includes pregnancy no matter how far along you are. This also allows the practitioner to alter your treatment to best cater to your needs. You can rest assured that our therapists are qualified in maternity massage and it is a perfectly safe treatment to receive. 

IMPORTANT: all staff at Goldfields Revitalise are bound by confidentiality so anything you do disclose will remain private

Why do we need to know your medical history?

All medical conditions and history are vital to ensure there are no contraindications during your treatment. This also allows the practitioner to alter your treatment where necessary to best cater to your needs. Knowing your correct medical history may not be applicable for the treatment you are receiving on the day i.e. if you had abdominal surgery and were having an indian head massage, however the initial intake form is what is kept on file for all future treatments which maybe carried out,so for you safety and ours we do ask that they are correctly disclosed. 

IMPORTANT: all staff at Goldfields Revitalise are bound by confidentiality so anything you do disclose will remain private

What if I don't know what appointment I need?

That is completely okay. Have a chat to us and normally we can help ascertain which treatment and therapist will best suit your needs. However if you are booking online our most popular treatment is a remedial massage which is also known as a deep tissue/sports massage. As maternity clients you can book a hour or half hour massage that can be a combination of what you need. The therapist can also combine modalities to meet your specific needs and discuss this with you at the start of your appointment. 

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