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Dr Jeff Harris from
Osteopath in Kalgoorlie Boulder helping people with a wide range of ailments
Dr Jeff Harris Osteopath in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Jeff has over 20 years experience as an Osteopath & teacher all over the world, treating patients with hands-on physical medicine & specific exercise. His passion is treating pain syndromes associated with the lower limb, including the back, pelvis, hips, knees, foot & ankle. Dr Harris has additional training in 3D Gait assessment using a force pressure plate to assess how you walk or run and has had a long history of working with runners, cyclists & athletes at various levels. Jeff worked for 13 years in a large sports medicine clinic in the channel islands near France, treating adults, children & babies, before returning to Australia in 2013.

During a consultation with Jeff, the whole body is assessed with a thorough medical interview & then physical examination, taking careful note of the symptoms & signs. This helps facilitate an accurate diagnosis & treatment plan. Osteopaths aim to 1st to reduce pain, then improve body mechanics to stimulate the body's own healing metabolism, helping to rehabilitate you for life or any sporting /physical pursuit.

Jeff still works as Osteopath in Victoria both in his home town of Echuca & in Deniliquin NSW. He has a partner, 9-year-old daughter & 2 stepchildren, soon to be living in Echuca. He has a keen interest in all aspects of health, fitness & physical medicine, he runs & cycles himself & is a keen snow skier, having skied throughout Europe, the US, NZ & of course Australia. He is very interested in intermittent fasting diet & how this impacts on slowing the aging process, reducing inflammation, reducing pain & improving whole health & well being.

Jeff's appointments are often claimable using private health insurance at the time of your appointment or can be used in conjunction with an EPC Medicare referral from your GP.

Jeff is here for 4-5 days every 2-3 weeks & usually has appointments on both a Saturday and Sunday.

Appointments are available through Goldfields Revitalise by calling us on 90218784