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Brooke from

There is nothing worse or more frustrating than reoccurring injuries and niggles.

Just that feeling of second guessing whether you should complete that task or not, play that game today or go on that holiday that you've been dying to do is horrible and can be so depilating. 


How can we improve this??? 

Functional movement plus a wide range of mixed tools! 

The major added bonus to not following any of the "traditional" study pathways means that I have completed training in a variety of areas including massage, cupping, stick mobility, aerial yoga, exercise & sport, taping, pregnancy & post partum as well as loads of experience with a large range of people.

What this means is that it has allowed me to develop a holistic approach to people, looking at which tools we can best work together with and help you develop so that you know what works.

What my exercise rehabilitation sessions include: 

- Functional movement relevant to your life

- 1 on 1 or small groups if you have a partner or friend who would love to join (2-3max)

- SMART goal setting to keep you motivated to get the most out of this

- Home rehab programs for when you're not with me

- Weekly or fortnightly check ins where we do a full session together and check progress 

- Tools used from all of my different qualifications including massage, cupping & taping if needed to make sure you are able to complete your rehab to the best of your ability

- Linking in with other services or ideas in town to get a well rounded holistic approach








Brooke is a Senior Musculoskeletal, Sports & Pilates Physio with a B.Sc (Physio), B.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science) as well as a Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness. 

Brooke & her husband live in Kalgoorlie and love the community feel of the town & loves her work as a physio.

She has a keen interest in sport and plays Hockey for Pegasus and Basketball for the Saints. She has been working at Goldfields Physio since 2015 & in her spare time and when she isn't running around, she loves nothing more than having family time with her husband and puppies.

Brooke is super excited to be working from Goldfields Revitalise in addition to her role at Goldfields Physio.


We know our clients are going to love Brooke and what she can do to help you in staying fit, healthy and active.

How can Brooke help you:

Running injuries


Sporting injuries


Chronic pain

Movement based therapy

Clinical Pilates


Appointments Available:


45 minute Initial / 30min follow up


Appointments can be claimed with Private Health Funds

Andrea Buchanan Women's Health Physio in Kalgoorlie Boulder
Andrea from
Andrea Buchanan Women's Health Physio in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Andrea has over 10 years experience working as a Physiotherapist and has advanced training in ConnectTherapyTM, The Thoracic Ring ApproachTM and Women's Health.  What this means is she looks at the body from a whole body perspective in a way that differs from traditional physiotherapy and uses these models of care to assess and treat problems specific to woman.

Andrea's assessment approach enables accurate determination of the driver of drivers of the underlying cause of problems.  In many instances the "problem" is in an area remote from the pain or symptoms that are being experienced and as such it is imperative that the whole body be assessed to determine this.  The driver is then released and aligned using hands on manual therapy techniques, the deep muscles re-activated and the body retrained to ensure resolution of symptoms and ultimately the ability for you to return to the activity or sport problem free. 

Andrea has developed Reformed Health specifically for the woman of the Goldfields.  Pelvic floor issues including incontinence, pelvic organ issues, pelvic pain and bowel problems, issues related to pregnancy including pregnancy related pain and abdominal separation or weakness, postnatal rehabilitation and return to exercise or sport after babies are common problems that Andrea assists her clients with.  She also works in performance related physiotherapy to promote optimal alignment, biomechanics and control in sportswoman and athletes, provides second opinions for clients who have tried other therapy without success or are considering surgical options and also clients experiencing breathing problems, symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or blackouts, gut problems and other urogynaecological issues.


Andrea is also involved in teaching and assists Dr Linda-Joy Lee from Dr Linda-Joy Lee InternationalTM - Institute for Physiotherapy and Movement.  She is passionate about changing the way physiotherapy is provided around the world. 

Andrea lives in Kalgoorlie with her husband, young daughter, new baby boy and dog. She loves travelling, hiking and the outdoors and enjoys yoga, swimming, cycling and running to maintain her own health and well being. 

Andrea is on Maternity leave and currently not in clinic

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