Nutri-Spec Immune X-flam

Nutri-Spec Immune X-flam

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This product features:

A unique proprietary blend of probiotics. Scientific research shows that they:

• Benefit the anti-inflammatory actions of the immune system†

• Benefit the inflammatory immune reactivity in many autoimmune conditions†

• Particularly benefit inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract†

• Benefit atopic and non-allergic dermatitis†

• Help control excess immune system Th1 inflammatory cytokines†
Glucomannan + Inulin = the two most potent prebiotics. Scientific research shows that they:

• Benefit all immune-related inflammatory conditions and allergies, and decrease autoimmune disease antibodies†

• Increase immune-modulating butyrate better than any other dietary fiber†

• Benefit irritable bowel and all other intestinal inflammatory conditions†

• Improve absorption of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals†

• Improve intestinal detoxification†

• Benefit high blood sugar, aid in controlling insulin, and increase insulin sensitivity†

• Decrease body fat percent†

• Decrease triglycerides and decrease LDL cholesterol, without decreasing HDL cholesterol†

• Benefit high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease†

• Increase the population of beneficial intestinal microbiota


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