Nutri-Spec Mighty Mins

Nutri-Spec Mighty Mins

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Mighty Mins is for children what Activator is for adults.  It provides a broad base of nutrition support essential for every child from age 6 months through adolescence. Mighty Mins provides each child with a full compliment of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals in their most bio-available and bioactive forms.  All these essential nutrients are found in proportions which will not alter the Five Fundamental Biochemical Balances. Furthermore, the proportions of trace minerals to vitamins is such that the vitamins will not deplete the body of trace minerals.  Trace minerals are every child’s greatest nutritional liability.  Supplementing with these trace minerals is critical for two reasons.  Trace minerals have been depleted from our soils and are thus no longer obtainable from our food.  The other reason the trace minerals in Mighty Mins  are so important is that a child needs far more trace minerals than an adult.  This need must be met to assure proper development of the brain and nervous system,  of the hormone system, of the cardiovascular system, and of the musculoskeletal system.

Special ingredients not commonly found in children’s multiples:

– Vitamins B1, B2, & B6,  in their biologically active coenzyme form.

– Ascorbyl Palmitate,  a fat soluble form of vitamin C for maximum bioactivity.
– Chromium Nicotinate, for its beneficial effects  on sugar levels & muscle metabolism.
– Vanadium (as BMOV), for its beneficial effects on sugar levels.
– Rutin, a bioactive flavonoid antioxidant.


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