Purple Moon Collection wrap around heat pack

Purple Moon Collection wrap around heat pack

Delivering soothing comfort suitable for adults and children, our extra-large moist heat wraps mould neatly to the body. Fragrance free, a unique curved double stitch, and filled with organic flax seed for long-lasting heat retainment, they can be used as a hot pack anywhere on the body.


You deserve the highest standard of care, whether looking for a back heat pack after a long shift, or a stomach hot pack to ease period pain. Maybe you want the feel of a warm hug on a cold or stressful day.  Whatever the reason, our versatile all-purpose wrap helps you live your best life.


For those who prefer cold therapy, good news. The Purple Moon Collection Wrap can be placed in the freezer, becoming a quality cool wrap aid. The benefits of cryotherapy are well known. We want to make sure you have the best possible treatment options at hand.


Our patented curved stitch is what allows our wrap to be the most versatile on the market!

When using your wrap ensure the curved stitch is in the best place to give you the support and heat where needed most

With our extra large heating area...

We got you covered!

Our extra long straps for all sizes, to keep you on the move, with relief!

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