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Come along to our baby massage classes, held by Tanya- an Internationally accredited baby massage instructor, where you will learn many different skills along side other parents and bubs, creating not only a special time for you and your child but also many new friendships.

There are many benefits to baby massage to both bubs and parents including some amazing 1 on 1 bonding time between you and your bub. Baby massage also stimulates your child's many systems such as circulatory, digestive, hormonal and immune systems, helping to support your child’s developmental process which also includes sensory and emotional integration, coordination and balance, learning and concentration, muscular development and growth as well as their mind-body awareness through the use of touch.  

Our qualified Baby Massage therapists guide you in an individual or group setting to learn and enjoy the benefits of baby massage.


  • Weekly Baby Massage Classes

  • Over the first 5 weeks you will learn a full body massage routine including      permission sequence and basic reflexology 

  • Techniques to assist with digestive issues such as wind and tummy pains

  • Sensory, Development & Sleep support

  • Orofacial Myology and Baby Bowen

  • Tips and tricks for tummy time and/or other development leaps

  • Children’s First Aid Class (in the last 3 weeks of term)

  • Make & Take class where we make chemical free baby products

  • Sensory Play class- where we get to have lots of fun and get messy!

  • Self massage & exercises for Mum and baby together

  • Learn in a relaxed, social atmosphere with other parents

  • "Oils" for massage (coconut/almond oil) & light refreshments



  • Improves your baby's sleeping patterns and ease to get to sleep

  • Relieves their tummy pains & aids digestion

  • Relaxation and bonding for both you and your bub

  • Assists in sensory awareness

  • System stimulation of the circulatory, digestive, hormonal and immune systems

  • Aid in their mind-body connection helping improve future coordination, balance, learning and concentration

  • Learn some amazing new skills and tricks to use with bub at home

  • A beautiful way to communicate with your baby promoting bonding, secure attachment, verbal/non-verbal communication, feelings of love, confidence and trust

  • Class held by Tanya an Internationally certified Infant Massage instructor


* Classes are conducted at the Goldfields Revitalise Practice and individual appointments available upon request. 

Infantastic Baby Massage class in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Class Dates 2023
Classes are held on Tuesday's 
Term 1 : 14th February- 4th April
Term 2: 2nd May- 20th June
Term 3: 25th July- 12th September
Term 4: TBC

Cost: 8 week term  $220


Infantastic Baby Massage Classes are now


If you aren't able to make the classes or are not located in Kalgoorlie we have you covered! 

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