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Try to Conceive Affirmation Cards

Try to Conceive Affirmation Cards

The story behind the cards:


These cards hold both a personal and professional sentiment to me. Working alongside women trying to conceive, whether that be assisted medically or not, a topic that always seems to come up is the mental toll it has when the one thing we are told our whole lives we should be able to do at the drop of a penny just isn’t happening quite so easy. There are so many mixed emotions that go along with this. On the flip side whilst I was pregnant with my son Orlando he contracted a viral infection that meant what was a really enjoyable pregnancy turned extremely medical with every test under the sun and after birth was the same. I watched and held my newborn son whilst he had MRI’s, ultrasounds, weekly blood tests and so much more. It was all necessary however that didn’t stop the feelings coming of feeling like a failure of a mother that I didn’t protect him from this. Luckily the universe does wonderful things and I went to refresh my fertility massage skills, deciding to undertake the whole course again and it was the best thing I could have done. After that the idea for these cards were birthed to give hope, positivity, a bit of a giggle and a reminder to all women whether TTC or in the fourth trimester and beyond that you are not alone in your struggles and none of it is your fault.


TTC Affirmation Cards:

These beautiful cards are designed after working for many years with women trying to conceive. They were inspired by many conversations including daily reminders that this is a journey not a quick trip but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some light, laughter and love along the way. The cards do consist of a bit of sass, swearing and a whole lot of real talk!


Using the cards:

These cards can either be used alongside your cycle with different symbols indicating the different stages in your cycle OR they can be mixed up and drawn at random for whatever you are needing on that day

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