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Plant in White Pot

What this means for you, is that whatever you come in with, you will receive high quality health care you can trust

How I can help you:

Firstly, I help to answer your health questions such as:

  • Why can't I get pregnant?

  • Why can't I lose weight?

  • How can I have more energy?

  • Why do I feel bloated all the time?

  • How can I better cope with stress and have less anxiety?

  • How do I treat my allergies, headaches, my skin condition?

  • How can I address my chronic disease with Natural Medicine?


Secondly, I write up a treatment protocol for you

  • I will go through with you the how and what of treatment and work together to see what will work for you

  • This will include possible further testing, dietary and nutritional support and Natural Medicine.


Ongoing support

  • This includes follow-up consultations when necessary

  • You will also have access to the client portal on this website that has articles, recipes and the support you need to keep on track between consults. You will have access to this as long as you are a client.

What people come to see me for​

  • Hormone and fertility support

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Weight management

  • Auto-immunity

  • General disease prevention

  • Mental/emotional concerns

  • Digestive issues

  • Metabolic dysregulation ie blood sugar

  • Eczema, hayfever, asthma

  • Thyroid 

  • Migraines, plus much more

Dinner in Restaurant

Appointments & Groups 

Hormone Support Group

Happy Women

Discuss all those hormone topics, ask questions and get support with Naturopath Jesabe over a cup of tea and light supper

Digestion Chi group lunch date

Spending the Day Outside

Make your lunch break count with this 40min group! 

Bring your lunch, stimulate your digestion with our Chi motion machine in a small intimate group and get tips form our resident Naturopath Jesabe

MONDAY 12:30pm

1 on 1 Naturopathic Appointment

Herbs and Minerals

Naturopathic Medicine with Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Health Coach Jesabe Warner.
Get the answers and support you need for your best health.
In-clinic testing and referrals for hair, stool, glucose, blood, urine, hormones and genetics.


Ladies Night

Women with Sparklers

Come hang with the girls on a Friday night!

Discuss all those hormone topics, ask questions and get support with Naturopath Jesabe, enjoy a relaxed weightless environment within our silk cocoons, enter your own world with our blue tooth headphones and enjoy a guided meditation or sound meditation. Take part in essential oil or healthy cooking, all over a cup of tea and light supper. (topics will vary) and catch up with friends for fun and health.

FRIDAY 6:30pm

Health & Wellness group

Super Health Food

Not looking for an in depth appointment but have some questions you would like to ask? 

Discuss health and wellness topics with Naturopath Jesabe and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask

WEDNESDAYS 10:30am & 6pm

Weight Loss Support Group

Man With Water Bottle

Meet regularly with our resident Naturopath to discuss and share your weight loss journey with support and information sharing. Learn about body scanning to support your achievements, receive valuable information and techniques to help with your goals.


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